Luxury Car

It wasn’t long ago that renting a car meant grabbing a low-end hatchback at the airport. The car might have a radio and air conditioning, but you were never sure. These days, the rent-a-car business has expanded to include a wide range of luxury cars. You can drive in style wherever you are. This is great for people who are accustomed to luxury vehicles. When you normally drive Mercedes Benz and BMW, you won’t want to settle for less just because you’re on holiday.

Get Around the City in Style

Range Rover, Mercedes, and BMW offer the ultimate in luxury travel in any city you visit. Not only do you feel great driving, you look amazing as you arrive! Why settle for less than the best when you rent a car? The Mercedes C Class is sporty and luxurious. Flip on the air conditioning and a CD and drive until you drop. If you visit during summer, try the Mercedes E Class Convertible. With the top down and your wind in the hair you’ll enjoy the city like you never have before. London is where you can rent luxury vehicles from Express Rent-a-Car like the E-Class. Perhaps a 4-door saloon is more your style. If that’s the case, tooling around London in a Mercedes S Class will work for you. This comfortable sedan comes with climate control, satellite navigation, a leather interior, and privacy glass for your pleasure. Daily and weekly rates make luxury rentals affordable. Your trip to London should be memorable. Renting a luxury car is a sure way to make that happen. You can hire a car at all London airports including Luton, Stansted, Heathrow, Gatwick and London City. Get the car at the airport and drop it back off there when you’re finished with it.

Be Prepared for Your Visit

Driving in London is an adventure. Many roads in the City are congested and narrow. Like all major cities London has a lot of traffic and distractions for you to contend with. You always have to wear a seatbelt when driving in London and your passengers should be strapped in too. It will take some getting used to driving around London. Even people who have lived there for years find it challenging at times. Like most things, you’ll get better with more experience. The key to driving in any crowded city is to stay calm. Getting upset or scared will quickly turn your time sour. It also pays to prepare. Satellite navigation is an obvious choice to include when hiring a car if you’ve never travelled around London. It’s stressful to drive in a busy city when you aren’t even sure of where you’re going. Public transportation is always an option when you’re in the city, but luxury cars certainly have the edge when it comes to privacy and freedom. It’s simpler to have access to your own car when you have multiple locations to visit.

Arrive for Your Appointment on Time

Despite the traffic, if you’re in town on business you’ll want a luxury car so you can make your appointments on time. If you take public transportation and show up late for an important session you could miss out on major business! You won’t have a job long if you make that move. If you need to visit towns on the outskirts of London you’ll definitely need a car. You won’t be able to travel great distances in time otherwise. Renting a car gives you freedom from public transportation and additional flexibility. Luxury vehicles make driving truly comfortable.

Everything Else You Need to Know

Your rental car most likely comes with insurance, roadside assistance, and unlimited mileage. Check with the agency to find out exactly what they offer. Satellite Navigation may carry an extra charge, but is almost always worth the cost. The agency may have a minimum age requirement for rentals. Generally 25 years of age is the minimum age to rent a car. Companies based in London may want to consider a corporate account. Corporate accounts allow for flexible billing. When hiring a car in London, it’s best to deal with a local company who has been in business for years. Larger firms do not understand the market as well as London owned and operated firms do. A low mileage fleet that has been well maintained means your car will get you where you are going every time without incident. Renting a prestige vehicle comes with prestige service.

Delivery and Collection Are an Option

Many firms will offer delivery and collection. This can be very convenient, depending on your travel needs. An outstanding agency will deliver and collect from any address in the UK if needed. You may not know about all the options available. Contact a friendly customer support person to learn more about what service is right for you.

Customer service reps can even recommend a vehicle for you, based on your itinerary. Certain cars are better for certain tasks. Someone who hires cars for a living knows exactly which vehicle is best and why. Don’t be shy about asking questions, especially if you want a luxury vehicle. You’re paying a premium for an amazing car and world class service. Anything less is unacceptable. Don’t forget, you could always use public transport in London if you wanted. You will probably want to grab an Oyster card even if you do rent a car. Experience the best of worlds during your visit. There are lots to see in London. Many of the attractions are packed into central London, which explains why that part of the city is always so crowded.

Regardless if you choose a BMW, Range Rover, or Mercedes Benz, you are about to experience London in a way you never have. You will soon learn why millions of people every year visit this world class destination. There’s so much to do and see you’ll probably plan your next trip soon after this one ends. Good luck.