There are multiple names in the automotive world that can be considered a while known. Very few of these companies are as popular as the Porsche company. There are a lot of things that are not well known about the Porsche Company in general. And there are also a few facts about the Porsche 911 that are not known as well.

Porsche 911

Little Known Facts about Porsche

Did you know that Porsche actually designed a tractor that was made specifically for coffee farming? Or the fact that Ferdinand Porsche develop the first formula one car are in the early 1950s? Did you know that Porsche release a model of barbecue grill? We didn’t think so. What do you think makes Porsche so popular? The answer it is that Porsche spends a lot of time experimenting with various options that they can add to their business venture.

Early strides from Porsche Corporation

The concept of an electric car, or hybrid car, is not a new one. In 1899 Porsche released what was considered the first electric car. It had an internal combustion motor that was used as a generator. It was also the first car on the market that had breaks on all four wheels.

In 1939, Porsche created the fastest car in the world. They designed the Mercedes-Benz type 80. The blueprint, and the prototype sat in an abandoned building for 25 years before it became a reality. The cars projected speed was 470 miles per hour. Of course, this mark was not met until 25 years later.

The Porsche 911

Porsche 911

Did you know, that the original name of the Porsche 911 was intended to be that Porsche 901? However, Peugeot refused to allow them to use the zero, as it was their tradition. It turns out, that the name change became the car’s claim to fame. It has been the most popular car made by Porsche since 1964. Because of the popularity, and of the craftsmanship that goes into creating a Porsche 911, they are only manufactured in one factory, in Stuttgart, Germany. This factory produces approximately 500 Porsche 911 engines per day.

There are currently, 16 versions of the Porsche 911. The most popular is the 911 GT3, which has 435 horsepower engine and is considered a sports car.

How particular is Porsche

Porsche it is so particular, that every weld in every car is counted. Each 911 model has around 5000 welds. Because of the popularity of the current models, Porsche has only updated the 911 five times over the last 40 years. This has resulted in six generations of the Porsche 911.

Porsche 911 tuning

There is so much more to tuning up Porsche then simply changing the spark plugs. Porsche has less than the open for a multitude of modification that can be done after purchase. You can purchase turbo kit, upgrades, exhaust, and modifications. You can even purchase special software, intercoolers, and more. This beats the standard tune up any day.

With all of the available modifications you can tune your Porsche to sound exactly the way you want it to. While many people enjoy the quiet, sports car sound, other people prefer to tune their Porsche to growl via a glass pack, or completely change this sound using a different muffler system.


Porsche has one of the best warranties on the market. However, if you plan on making a habit out of Porsche tuning, it is recommended that you have all of the work done by a professional until your car is completely paid off. Otherwise, you risk or voiding the warranty that Porsche e offers.