2016 Honda civic

Traditionally, car manufactures sell their cars first on their native continent but now as the globalization has become a huge trend in the car business world they developed rapidly and started selling their cars across the world. All new 2016 Honda civic is named as ‘autoguide’ 2016 car of the year, it is on sale… Read More

Honda Civic

People all over the world really love Honda cars. And they love it because of incredible image of Honda cars – as powerful, reliable and have many more technical innovations. From the 60s Honda company decided to conquer the market of small cars by affordable pricing and original technical solutions. Honda Civic become one of… Read More

Porsche 911

There are multiple names in the automotive world that can be considered a while known. Very few of these companies are as popular as the Porsche company. There are a lot of things that are not well known about the Porsche Company in general. And there are also a few facts about the Porsche 911… Read More